Recent Publications and Reports

This report by Tom Burns and urban consultant Paul Brophy for NeighborhoodsNow draws on experiences from Baltimore and other cities to make the case for why and how Philadelphia should be investing more deeply in preserving and stabilizing its many “middle market” neighborhoods threatened with decline.

Protecting Philadelphia’s Backbone: Its Vital Neighborhoods (2009)

This monograph written with nationally-recognized community development expert Anita Miller and published by the OMG Center in Philadelphia (the Initiative’s evaluator) reflects on the experiences of the Comprehensive Community Revitalization Program in the South Bronx during the 1990's to offer a variety of “how-to” lessons intended to guide funders and managers of comprehensive community revitalization initiatives.  

Going Comprehensive: Anatomy of an Initiative that Worked (2007)

Strategic Planning

Organizational and Program Development



Applied Research

Where to Next? Comment on the Future of Comprehensive Community Initiatives (2011)

This response essay by Tom Burns in the Aspen Roundtable’s recent Voices from the Field III volume offers observations and a perspective on the most promising directions for future philanthropic investments in comprehensive, place-based community change.